Investment data

Land area
Design building area after ground floor
Projected cubature
Number of overground storeys
The height of the storey in the light of the ceiling structure
Projected number of apartments
Projected number of commercial premises

3526,0 m²
2869 m²
83 025,6 m³
4,62 m
15 /without superstructure/


Foundations: benches, ceilings and foundation slab – monolithic reinforced concrete.

Structure (columns, ceilings) – monolithic reinforced concrete skeleton, walls stiffening full ceramic brick, facing.

The superstructure structure – skeleton made of steel profiles.

Staircase and elevator shaft – monolithic reinforced concrete skeleton filled with ceramic bricks.

Filling the reinforced concrete skeleton structure (external walls) – made of ceramic bricks.

Inter-room walls, mixed, made of ceramic bricks or made of plasterboard construction. Walls stiffening the building inside the premises or between the premises, made of ceramic brick, full of the entire height of the storey.

Partition walls – made of plasterboard construction.

Flat roof, insulation and heat-sealable membrane.

Interior finishes

Wall finishing – facing ceramic brick, plasterboard on a steel frame or thin-layer mineral plaster on thermal insulation made of “Calsitherm” boards.

Floors – cement mortar undercoat on thermal and acoustic insulation (permissible deviations not greater than for cement underlayments according to PN -63 / B10145) or “OSB” board on fragments.

Ceilings existing in monolithic reinforced concrete structure, on fragments mineral plaster on insulation made of “Calsitherm” boards.

Aluminum window joinery, painted with structural paint in accordance with the relevant standards and requirements of the conservator – glazed with a single-chamber composite package with a heat transfer coefficient not exceeding 1.0 W / m2 * K with envelope fittings; at least one tilt and turn sash in the room, muntins made of aluminum flat, glued to the glass.

Internal window sills made of concrete in a natural color, in accordance with the requirements of the conservator.

Anti-burglary entrance doors with a class B certificate, equipped with two locks, doors of above-standard height.

Internal door openings prepared for the assembly of wooden or wood-based door frames according to the standard for “Pol Skone” type doors, except for penetrations through the stiffening walls of the building; dimensions of openings for other types of doors require a written notification prior to the construction of partition walls.

Powder coated aluminum doors and windows of the staircase, glazed with a single-chamber composite package; staircase doors with electric locks and a door closer.

Staircase railings made of steel, elements of the original building equipment.

Stair treads made of natural stone or conglomerate with decorative details and other materials.

Natural stone staircase coverings with details as above.

The walls of the staircase are a restored original structure.

Lifts from the level of the shopping arcade on the ground floor to the level of the lower superstructure.

Central heating and water connections

Central heating and hot water supplied from the municipal network boiler room (risers in installation shafts, distribution on the floor).

In rooms, vertical radiators with valves and thermostatic heads (powers according to DT), ladder radiators in bathrooms.

Heat consumption in the apartment measured by a heat meter with a central reading.

PVC sewage system according to DT; sewer risers covered with plasterboard or brick.

Internal installation of cold water and hot water made of polypropylene and steel (steel risers in installation shafts, local distribution to water meters, made of polypropylene in the floor and walls).

Cold and hot water consumption in the apartment measured by individual water meters with a central reading.

The apartment will be equipped with connections (number and type of rooms in the plan of the apartment attached to the contract):

  • in the kitchenette – one cold water and hot water connection and one sewage outlet to connect the sink
  • in the bathroom – one connection for cold water, hot water and sewage system for connecting a bathtub or shower; one connection for cold water, hot water and sewage for connecting a washbasin; one connection for cold water and sewage to connect the toilet seat; one connection for cold water and sewage for connecting a washing machine.
  • in w.c. – one connection for cold water, hot water and sewage for connecting a washbasin; one connection for cold water and sewage to connect the toilet seat.

Individual connections for dishwashers and washing machines and additional installation points for an extra charge.

Water and sewage systems without fittings (without batteries, valves and sanitary ceramics).

Sanitary installations

Electricity meters in apartments, located in a separate common room for the entire floor.

Copper cable lighting and socket circuits, equipped with standard white electric equipment (sockets and switches).

The apartment will be equipped with (number and type of rooms according to the plan of the apartment attached to the contract:

  1. a) three-phase connection for connecting the electric cooker
  2. b) single-phase connections
  • living room – 6 electric sockets and 1 lighting point with a two-button switch
  • rooms / bedrooms – 4 electric sockets and 1 light point with a two-button switch
  • bathroom – 2 sockets with a flap and 1 lighting point with a switch
  • – 1 light point with a switch
  • kitchenette – 6 electric sockets (including one socket for connecting the hood) and 1 light point with a single-key switch and one two-key switch to operate two fan speeds
  • hall – 1 single electric socket and 2 lighting points with one two-button switch
  • wardrobe / locker – 1 light point with a single button switch

c) internal telephone outlet (1 pc.) connected to the wiring of the building’s telephone system without activating the telephone number; arming with a telephone socket at an additional charge; inclusion of a telephone number on the basis of an individual agreement with a telephone operator

d) computer network outlet – a computer network cable routed between the installation level in the corridor and the telephone socket box, without fittings and sockets

e) RTV outlet in a large room (living room) connected to the cable TV network or to the installation of the building’s collective antenna, without an antenna socket; installation of RTV sockets, switching on and tuning of the signal – for an additional fee according to the prices of the antenna network installer or cable network operator

f) video intercom system armed with one video intercom with call cassettes at the entrances to staircases, garage and entrances to individual corridors


Gravity exhaust ventilation in bathrooms, hot water, kitchens and living rooms with the possibility of connecting kitchen hoods with forced air circulation.

Ventilation outlets ended with anemostats.

Finishing and exterior works

The historic facade of the building has been fully renovated in accordance with the conservation recommendations.

Barriers and external balustrades, steel structures, powder coated or made of stainless steel without painting.

Balconies on the storeys of the superstructure lined with natural stone or wooden deck.

The area surrounding the buildings is illuminated.

Reception and administration rooms, according to the floor plan, fully finished.