Apartment and penthouse – what’s the difference?

Apartment and penthouse – what’s the difference?

Apartment and penthouse - what's the difference?

The word “penthouse” evokes various associations, but it is not as widespread in Poland as, for example, in the United States or Great Britain. The foreign-sounding word, however, exhausts the definition of a new quality among luxury living spaces and definitely differs from the meaning of the word apartment.

The first difference is the location – the penthouse is always located on the last, highest floor of the building and the vast majority is a two-level property.

The second significant difference is the area – it is in vain to look for small penthouses, which, unlike apartments, start from about 100 square meters and end at 3500 meters of space (e.g. Tour Odeon in Monaco with a starting price of EUR 300 million – known as the most expensive in the world) .

Another distinguishing feature of the penthouse from the apartment is the terrace. The premises referred to as a penthouse should have a large and spacious observation deck with a panoramic view of the area. In the case of Penthouse de Girard, each property also has a balcony or two balconies.

If we are talking about the view of the surrounding area, it is also very important to call the apartment a penthouse. Penthouse as luxury investments are located primarily in city centers or districts. They are often located on the tallest building in the area, towering over the city’s skyline.

The neighborhood and the small infrastructure are often key when making a decision to purchase such a property. The strict city center is connected with the entirety of cultural, entertainment, administrative and commercial life. Therefore, the location of the penthouses can be successfully considered prestigious and unique.

The last main distinguishing feature of the penthouse compared to the apartments is the standard of finishing and equipment. It is usually modern, trendy and minimalist, but at the same time highly luxurious.

These apartments, due to the above-mentioned features and the fact that they have numerous amenities, combine the best features of both a detached house and a flat. Due to all the above-mentioned characteristics, the very word “penthouse” automatically brings to mind the luxury and the highest comfort of living.

Penthouse de Girarda

It is also worth knowing that in the United States, a penthouse is defined as luxurious lounges in football stadiums or arenas in sports facilities, as well as on passenger ships and horse racing tracks.

To sum up – apartments and penthouses are apartments of a higher segment, comfortable and modern. However, the main advantages of the penthouse are their limited number, central location, terraces, area and volume. It is an offer for people who value comfort and originality, and at the same time want a unique and unique apartment in the center of city life.